Who we are

Maleon’s concept is to make communication between client and contractor clear and simple.

Our values

Open mind

Working with us should be easy!

Professional Excellence

We are meticulous in a professional way and always strive to make things easier.

The environment in focus

In every decision we make, we work with the environment in mind.


Maleon AB is a consultancy company whose business concept is to make communication between client and contractor clear and simple. We do this through our innovative processes, based on common sense, which make us stand out as the easiest consultancy to work with, without a doubt.

Our consultants, construction managers, project managers, and technical advisors have been carefully selected to offer you a unique combination of advisors who understand the importance of coordination between acquisition, construction and installation planning..

Our responsibility

Maleon AB works with the environment in mind in every decision. This is demonstrated by the fact that our consultants always ask themselves whether this is the most environmentally friendly option. And always on the basis of common sense. We know that we share a responsibility that all companies must take on and that does not go unnoticed.

Our promises

Maleon AB’s aim is always to be open-minded, to work with professional excellence and to continuously strive to make jobs easier. It should be easy to work with us – and those are our promises! Maleon AB construction projects make it easier for you, your partners, and the environment.

Our areas of work

• Preliminary design project

• Construction contract

• Administrative regulations

• Technical descriptions

• Acquisition of plumbing contracts

• Acquisition of execution contracts

• Ventilation contracts

• Acquisition of structure contracts

• Acquisition of electrical works contracts

• Inspector under the Planning and Building Act

• Mandatory Ventilation Control (OVK)

• Energy declarations

• Radon measurements

• Acquisition of construction works

• Contracting of installation works

• Contracting of general contractors

• Construction advice and management

• Design and project management

• Architects and Engineers

• Building inspections by certified surveyors

• Technical consultants

“Incredibly satisfied with the result”

– Joakim Carlström, COO