Excellence in project and property development

Happy building consultants

Maleon AB is pleased to offer our customers excellence in installations and construction technology, construction consultants. From new builds to ROT projects and everything in between, we’re here to help. Maleon AB brings together expertise in installation, construction law, design and technology for the design and management of real estate.

Clear investigation

Our qualified construction consultants provide you with a clear investigation, cost-effective recommendations and attention to detail – from compliance to aesthetic considerations.

  • Inquiry document
  • Inspections
  • Inspection officer according to PBL
  • Project planning
  • Plumbing Consultant
  • Electricity consultant
  • Hisskonsult
  • Procurement of works
  • Calculators
  • Inventories, status inspections
  • Maintenance plans
  • Program and System Documents
  • Investigations
  • Procurement
  • Building inspections
  • Agreement
Time to replace the old installations?

Maleon AB can help you sort through the many options available when Installations (Electrical, Control, Elevator, Pipes, Vent) need to be modernized or replaced. Our installation consultants will assess current conditions and suggest everything from the most cost-effective solutions to the most technologically advanced and exciting systems available on the market today. Maleon AB’s installation consultants skillfully guide our customers through a maze of tender documents, specifications and project documents. In this way, we give our customers peace of mind during what can be a challenging process.

Quality & Promises

Before a construction project involving complex installations, there are many requirements and directives that must be followed. Working with Maleon AB Construction Consultants will ensure that you get all the elements in on time.

Prior to purchasing a contract, our Construction Consultants can prepare a tender document to ensure that your solution is of the right quality and at a competitive budget.

You can involve our Construction Consultants at a very early stage to ensure that the important questions are asked before it’s too late.

Maleon AB’s Construction Consultants are happy to come out and inventory the property to find a solution that fits your budget and at the same time maintains the right quality.

Maleon AB is an experienced partner in new construction – working closely with our clients from concept development to project completion. We are experienced guides through engineering and design considerations, AMA codes, qualified contractors and installers. Through our collaboration, we strive to provide our customers with the assurance that the systems selected and installed will not only meet the highest design standards put forth, but that the process will go as smoothly and headache-free as possible!