Construction inspection of new buildings and ROT (Repair, Reconstruction, Extension)

Who speaks your language and theirs?

Maleon AB knows the construction industry. Moreover, we know what our clients are looking for and when and how they want it. The primary goal of our construction consultants and inspectors is to deliver it.

There are times when you need a competent and experienced point of view from someone independent of your project. Maleon AB is an independent company that can provide surveys, evaluations, and inspection reports to determine the status of your construction project.

Some other times, you may want to double-check. Maleon AB can do a discreet review and provide an honest and informed assessment of the work performed by our professional colleagues.

Maleon AB is an impartial and independent consultancy company with experience in new build, renovation, and ROT (Repair, Reconstruction, Extension) projects.

We have a deep knowledge of current regulations, standards, and guidelines.

Final inspections

The construction project has been completed! But is everything in accordance with the construction documents and standards? We check the work carried out based on the contract documents and building regulations and note any defects so that you can rest assured about the final result.

Warranty inspections

Many defects that a property may have are covered by warranties. A thorough inspection during the warranty period will reveal the defects that are covered by it, so you will not have to pay for them yourself.


Do not hesitate to contact us when you needing help of our certified surveyors. You will experience a new and smoother way of carrying out an inspection. Inspections with Maleon AB are always easier!